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With us you can choose from one of three packages if you're a store owner. You have the option to pay monthly or you can take advantage of our discount by purchasing a yearly plan.


By signing up with us you have an outreach of thousands if not million of viewers and potential patrons.


We care if you get the best service so we provide 24 hour support if there are any problems with your account.


We are a division of Chapman Market Enterprise.

Whohasweed.com is here to help you find marijuana stores all around the world not just in America. We're not here to fuck around. We did our due diligence to get you the most up to date locations in your hood and abroad so you can find the sickest weed and edibles on the market. And if you're a store owner, please go ahead and purchase a package so you can take full advantage of our customer base. We offer you the opportunity to show your menu, hours of operation, website, and even a video upload. Although we're the new kids in town, we're picking up momentum and gaining precedence.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your patronage!